Edson Introduces Microbial Cleaning Products for Recreational Marine Use

Biofresh Product Line

Edson International announces that it will distribute and sell a new assortment of Marine Cleaning Products for use in eliminating oil residue and odors in marine bilge water and holding tanks.

Edson BioFresh and Oil Eradicator products utilize naturally occurring Archaea microbes to decompose hydrocarbons found in petrochemicals and organic waste.  The resulting byproducts from the product’s use are harmless fatty acids which have no adverse effect on the marine ecosystem.  Microbial Bioremediation has been identified as a major factor in the natural restoration of water quality in the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the recent Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster
              The BioFresh and Oil Eradicator products being sold through Edson include individually packaged water soluble tablets for odor control in marine toilets and holding tanks as well as oil absorbing bilge pads and foam booms that gather and decompose oily residue in bilge water.   

“BioFresh Products and Oil Eradicators are ecologically responsible and reflect Edson’s commitment to Clean Water, Clean Marinas, and Clean Harbors” says Will Keene, President of Edson International. “While cleansers and soaps can be effective in emulsifying oil spills on a boat, they still leave residual chemicals that are harmful to the environment.  BioFresh and Oil Eradicator Products are safe, natural, and take the worry and mess out of doing the dirty jobs on your boat.”

Edson will distribute the line of BioFresh and Oil Eradicator Products through existing sales channels for their marine and pump divisions.  The active ingredients are produced exclusively for Edson by a company with many years of BioRemediation expertise. Edson has been associated with clean water initiatives and marine sanitation as an ongoing part of their Marina Pumpout and Industrial Pumps Division.


By Ocean Navigator