ATL fuel bladders extend voyaging range

ATL Fuel Bladders of Ramsey, NJ, is grateful to have tens of thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe, reaping the benefits from their fully collapsible range extension fuel bladder tanks. ATL’s bladder tanks help put the minds captains, and their crews, at ease by ensuring that they have enough fuel to reach their destination while traversing the unpredictable seas.

Over the years, ATL has forged many lasting relationships within the yachting and sportfishing communities.

However, there is one particular ATL customer whose travels are nothing short of extraordinary.

Jennifer and James Hamilton, who reside in Seattle, Washington, are currently cruising the globe in their Nordhavn 52 Dirona. Best of all, they are documenting their experiences and sharing them with the world on their website,

Although Dirona can carry 1,750 gallons in her main tanks, the husband and wife duo often rely on ATL Fuel Bladders to safely extend their fuel range when traveling far distances in between ports. In addition to a pair of standard 300 gallon ATL FueLocker® bladders, ATL also built a custom fuel bladder, based on the dimensions that James supplied, which fits conveniently within Dirona’s Portuguese bow. When not in use, the bladders easily fold up and are compactly stowed. The additional fuel allows the Hamiltons to conquer even the most daunting of feats, like the 3023 nautical mile (3,478 mile) crossing of the Indian Ocean that they just completed. They also used their ATL fuel bladders for the 2,550 nautical mile (2,934 miles) trip to the Marquesas Islands in French Polynesia, and the extra extra fuel allowed for a higher speed crossing of the 2028 nautical miles (2,333 miles) from San Francisco to Hilo, Hawaii!

They are currently enjoying the active volcanic island of Reunion near Madagascar as they continue there round-the-world trip.

ATL’s complete line of deck mounted, fully collapsible range extension fuel bladders, along with a host of accessories, are available for purchase on their website, For additional questions or to inquire about ATL’s custom capabilities, simply contact an ATL Sales Engineer by calling 201-825-1400 or toll free at 800-526-5330. 

By Ocean Navigator