All Terrain Radio allows communication on both land and sea

Whether enjoying a day in the woods or on the water, now only one radio is needed for emergency or routine communication.  With Cobra’s MR HH425LI VP handheld radio, users can switch seamlessly between VHF and GMRS bands with the push of a button.  Allowing dual band receive and transmit, this All-Terrain-Radio lets operators conveniently make water or land-based contact, no matter where they are.

The first combination VHF/GMRS radio in the world, the unique MR HH425LI VP is fully submersible and complies with JIS7 standards.  Offering a state-of-the-art Rewind-Say-Againâ„¢ feature, users can play back up to the last 20 seconds of audio, making it easy to catch up with missed calls.  Compatible with other Cobra and GMRS radios, it’s also great for use during camping, hiking, ATV or snowmobile outings.

A total of 1,815 privacy combinations are possible when its 15 GMRS channels are paired with its 121 privacy codes.  The MR HH425LI VP provides instant access to national weather information, 24 hours a day, while also offering S.A.M.E. weather alert filtering. 

Controls on the handheld provide instant access to channels 16 and 9 for emergencies.  With tri-watch ability, it can also monitor three channels at once including 16, 9 and one user-selected channel.  Its long-lasting lithium-ion polymer battery provides longer talk times and maintenance-free operation.  Power is adjustable to 1, 3 or 5W for short and long communication.  Identifying callers is simple with this handheld, a user can assign up to 10 call tones. 

Cobra Marine’s MR HH425LI VP comes with a 3-year warranty and has a suggested retail price of $169.95.

By Ocean Navigator