1949 S&S design Bolero refit nears completion

Jane Wellehan of Maine Built Boats writes about visiting Rockport Marine: “I just got to see the famous Bolero, along with 35 people from Mystic Seaport, in the final weeks of a 2 year restoration. She will be launched on May 15th around noon in Rockport Harbor.
“Bolero is known on both sides of the Atlantic as a superb ocean racer. She was designed by Sparkman and Stephens, built at the Nevins yard in 1949 and served as the New York Yacht Club’s Flagship vessel in the 1950’s. She has cruised and raced all over the world, and is known to be fast, sea kindly and handsome.
“Bolero came to Rockport Marine with many broken frames. A thorough inspection revealed that the deck framing was compromised as well, and consequently the crew, under project manager John England, began a restoration that was much bigger in scope than anyone expected. To replace the bad frames, sections of the old planking had to be cut out and the entire interior was removed. In addition to the extensive carpentry work, Bolero will also get a full systems update.
“Good luck to everyone at Rockport Marine in the final weeks as you restore Bolero to her former beauty!”

By Ocean Navigator