Yanmar approves biodiesel mix

Alternatives to diesel fuel are a hot topic currently. And one of those alternatives is biodiesel (BD) — made from biological sources rather than crude oil. One of the drawbacks to using BD in a marine engine, however, is the careful position of many engine manufacturers. Since BD can cause damage to some seals and gaskets, engine owners who used BD might cause problems for their engine and void their warranty.
    Now International Boat Industry is reporting that Yanmar Marine has approved B5 biodiesel as a fuel for most of its recreational marine engines. The specific fuel Yanmar has approved is a mix of standard diesel with no more than 5 per cent B5 BD. The mix must conform to ASTM D6751 or ISO EN14214 specs. And to prevent damage to system components, BD-compatible parts have to be fitted.
    A small move forward, but a possibly a significant one. And it should mean that soon you’ll notice the aroma of cooking french fries while on the water.

By Ocean Navigator