Yacht woodstoves available again

Two years ago, we received a note from a reader wanting toknow where he could purchase a functioning fireplace/woodstove for a small sailing vessel. He had read a feature on the yacht Marguerite in our premier issue of American Yacht Review, a story that mentioned the vessel’s functioning fireplace. We contacted the vessel’s builders, the Dutch yard Vitters, and asked where the stove had come from. We were told that it had been purchased at an antiques auction in the Lakes District of England. The yard knew of no other sources that provided such devices for sailing vessels.

If the reader would still like to know, and if there are any other woodstove aficionados interested, there is a company based in Brooklyn, N.Y., that recently purchased the original patterns from the now-defunct Lunenburg Foundry in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and is in the business of casting some beautiful iron stoves. Navigator Stoves can be contacted at 718-486-8049 and are also available online at: www.marinestove.com.

By Ocean Navigator