Yacht Review: Nordhavn 68

5 N1

Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) continues to be the leader in ocean voyaging motor yachts. The company’s latest launch, Karajas (hull number 25) has been built for Australian owners who specified a high-end Art Deco interior that would complement their home in Sydney.

The commission for the interior design work was carried out by Scott Cole of Seattle-based Ardeo design. The interior design, composed of bold geometric patterns and minimalist details, is a departure from most trawler interiors. The styling employs dark mahogany, accented by a light grey wall covering, and black and white subway tile on the cabin sole. Since weight was not a concern, marble and granite countertops were used in the galley, heads, salon and staterooms. Other accents include a liberal use of polished stainless steel in everything from fiddle rails to sink basins.

The vessel’s electrical system is designed for the high loads of modern cruising.

Courtesy Nordhavn

Karajas is the first Nordhavn 68 to be completed and delivered to Australia. The majority are commissioned in the U.S., but as the brand’s popularity grows, foreign commissioning may very well become the norm.

In spite of the yacht’s stylish and unique interior, it remains 100 percent Nordhavn in terms of hull design, systems and rugged build. Karajas is the first N68 to be built to CE specifications, another factor that may drive foreign commissioning.
For propulsion, the yacht is equipped with a Tier III-compliant John Deere 6135 AFM 13.5 liter main engine rated for 425 hp at 1,900 rpm. Auxiliary power comes from a customized Victron charger/inverter.

By Ocean Navigator