Yacht Design According to Perry:: My Boats and What Shaped Them

It has been almost 40 years — 380 designs and more than 6,000 launched boats — since a young Seattle yacht designer with Australian roots published his first design. It was a 47-foot ketch drawing that appeared in the pages of National Fisherman magazine. Since then Bob Perry’s designs have defined “performance cruising,” a term he coined himself. CT Yachts, Cheoy Lee, Passport Yachts, and others have built Perry’s long line of classic cruising designs.
Yacht Design According to Perry is conversationally written and provides in-depth insight into Bob’s boats. Perry describes why the boats work so well and why they have enjoyed popularity for so long.
The book is also an excellent reference for anyone interested in pursuing the technical aspects of yacht design. Bob demystifies stability, keel design, bow profiles, sheer lines, transoms, rigging and more.

Yacht Design According to Perry is an important book for anyone who appreciates boat design. It is also a rare opportunity to spend some time with one of the most influential yacht designers of our time.

By Ocean Navigator