Yacht abandoned in Caribbean rally

Oleander 300x230

The North American Rally To The Caribbean’s (NARC) Newport-Bermuda race was affected by storms and a boat was abandoned. A commercial ship, Oleander, operated by Bermuda Container Lines, was diverted to pick up six crewmembers from a boat participating in the rally. According to Bernews, a Bermuda-based news website, Bermuda Maritime Operations Center issued a short statement:

“At approximately 3:30 pm yesterday, the crew of M/V Oleander was involved in the successful recovery of four survivors from the 46-foot sailing vessel Elle a NARC rally participant, located approximately 200 miles northwest of Bermuda.”

The skipper of Elle made the decision to abandon the vessel after it suffered a steerng failure and a crewmember sustained bruised ribs during a period of 20- to 30-foot seas and 30- to 35-knot winds.

Another sailboat, the 49-foot Riot also sufferd a steering failure and needed assistance to avoid Bermuda reefs. Riot was assisted into port by the Bermuda Pilot boat and a commercial tug.

By Ocean Navigator