Xantrex Works Behind the Scenes to Help Power Storm Chasers

VANCOUVER, B.C., July 28, 2011 — Xantrex Technology USA Inc. is supporting ILCHASE, a firm that supplies data on weather storms to government agencies, universities and major television networks, in an ongoing weather research initiative. The ILCHASE team includes Engineers, Programmers, Technicians and Meteorologists who conduct informational programs on weather storms, storm chasing and spotter training with the National Weather Service. Their work is featured in children’s geography specials for National Geographic, Storm Stories for the Weather Channel, and the TLC show, Beyond Tough.
ILCHASE has designed and built a mobile command vehicle called MOOCH (Mobile Observation Operations Command Housing) to help ILCHASE and other emergency management companies in a stricken area. This vehicle is equipped with the latest technology to assist storm chasers in the field with real time data and is on the road for several months at a time, up to 20 hours a day. Xantrex has supplied its Freedom SW Inverter/Charger System to support this effort.
Co-Founder of ILCHASE Keenan Campbell said, “Utilizing a research-based approach to storm chasing allows ILCHASE to provide weather data, video, and other information we capture to government agencies, universities and other research organizations completely free of charge. We designed and built a mobile command vehicle to archive and provide data to other research agencies. This vehicle is equipped with the latest communications and weather forecasting devices and servers that are extremely sensitive to fluctuations in AC power quality.”
“While facing Mother Nature, it is important to ensure that onboard equipment receives clean AC power to function properly,” he added. “The Xantrex system allows our team to keep all major systems powered up for an extended period of time without the need for outside power sources. The integrated charger enables quick charging of onboard batteries when utility power becomes available. The Xantrex system allows our team to complete our mission with greater efficiencies and reliability.”
Added Xantrex Director of Sales John McMillan, “Xantrex is pleased to continue its tradition of supporting organizations that impact the well being of communities around the world. We sponsored ILCHASE’s mobile command vehicle with our Freedom SW Inverter/Charger System because it offers pure sine wave output and efficient, multi-stage charging that would allow this organization to power sophisticated electronics and equipment used for real time data collection. We wanted ILCHASE to have one of the best power systems in the market as collecting storm data is a strenuous task, and power or equipment breakdown could be disastrous in these critical situations.”
For more information about the work of ILCHASE, visit www.ilchase.org
By Ocean Navigator