Xantrex Celebrates 25 Years of the Famous FREEDOM Series 

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA – (Marine NewsWire) Xantrex is celebrating 25 years of Freedom series products in 2017. The first Freedom inverter was manufactured way back in 1992. It was the first micro-processor controlled inverter designed for boats and RVs. Over time, Freedom has evolved, embracing newer, more advanced technologies. Today, Freedom represents a series of various types of inverters and inverters with built-in chargers for all types of mobile applications including RVs, boats, trucks, ambulances and other specialty vehicles.
“There are more boats and vehicles including RVs and trucks with a Freedom product than any other make or model. Original equipment manufacturers in both recreational and commercial applications rely on Freedom solutions for AC power and battery charging needs,” said Richard Gaudet, Vice President of Xantrex business at Schneider Electric.
“While the Freedom 458 is the bestselling inverter of all time in the RV and marine markets, the Freedom HF dominates the heavy duty truck market. The latest addition to the Freedom family, the 1200-watt Freedom X is available in select models of major RV manufacturers,” added Gaudet.
The aftermarket variants and higher power models of the Freedom X will be available July 2017. The unique aspect of the Freedom X is that it offers a multitude of configurable advanced features in a compact, robust package that is easy to install.
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By Ocean Navigator