World Voyage Planner

Review Cornell

World Voyage Planner
By Jimmy Cornell
Cornell Sailing Ltd.,
London, 2012
Distributed by Paradise Cay Publications
342 pages, soft cover

World voyaging authority Jimmy Cornell’s recently published World Voyage Planner is a comprehensive guide to planning a voyage from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. The book includes geographically-based planning strategies along with wind and current charts for every ocean, suggested routes, advice on world weather systems, and much more. Written for voyagers by a voyager, the book is designed to be used in conjunction with Cornell’s previously published World Cruising Routes which provides an atlas of charts depicting current world ocean current and weather patterns and discusses them in great detail.

World Voyage Planner draws on the experience of not only Cornell, but 57 other world voyagers who weigh in on what it takes to engineer a safe and successful voyage. Voyages are organized geographically and according to whether they are circular or linear in nature. Each is systematically referred to Cornell’s World Cruising Routes and includes a current and wind chartlet of the region to coincide with the recommended time of the year for sailing.

Beautifully produced and easy to navigate, this guide is a “must have” for anyone seriously planning to commit to a long ocean voyage regardless of the size of their vessel.

By Ocean Navigator