World Cruising Routes: 7th Edition

World Cruising Routes: 7th Edition
By Jimmy Cornell
Paradise Cay Publications, Arcata, Calif., 2014
616 pages

Since its first publication in 1987, Jimmy Cornell’s World Cruising Routes has been the go-to reference for anyone planning an extended ocean passage. This new edition has been thoroughly revised to meet the needs of today’s offshore sailors. The 7th edition addresses the effect of climate change on old established routes and suggests alternatives, and also introduces new routes to rarely explored areas from Greenland and Micronesia to China and the Northwest Passage.  

The guide draws on data published in Cornell’s Ocean Atlas, with additional information such as “windgrams” depicting monthly wind conditions during popular passage times.

Another important change in this edition is the inclusion of detailed waypoints along each route that facilitate precise route plotting from start to finish.

Cornell is also planning to release C-Planner, a route planning application for iPhone and iPad to ease the tasks of world voyage planning. The first version covering the Atlantic is scheduled for release this summer.

By Ocean Navigator