What's On My Boat?

Iphone App Copy

Most responsible boat owners have a good idea what they have on their boat and where it is stowed. But as our boats get larger and more complex and our voyaging plans reach further afield, the need for more gear grows. It becomes ever more critical to know what you have and where it is — especially when it comes to medical supplies, safety equipment, tools, and spare parts. 

The solution? A simple, easy to use app for iPhone and iPad called “What’s On My Boat?” that will help you or your crew inventory, locate, schedule repairs or maintenance, make lists, and even see reference photos and notes. The data can be filtered by location, category, and list. With an app like this you might be able to say goodbye to spreadsheets, notebooks and scraps of paper. “What’s On My Boat?” is available for purchase through the app store. 

By Ocean Navigator