Weems & Plath chosen to redesign and manufacture RYA Handy Plotter

Weems & Plath, manufacturer of fine nautical instruments, is pleased to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with the renowned Royal Yachting Association of Great Britain, (RYA) in producing a new version of the RYA Handy Plotter.  This plotter is RYA’s best-selling navigation tool and is available immediately from the RYA Web shop. The RYA Handy Plotter will be transitioned into the newly-revised “Essential Navigation and Seamanship” course material later this year. The new Handy Plotter is produced in durable, flexible plastic and now includes chart symbols for DR fix, estimated position, GPS waypoint and electronic fix, an expanded metric ruler, revised color imprinting to improve visibility in safe-light chart table use, an easier to read scale for error correction and compass direction noted on the plotting wheel; (e.g. S, N, E, SE, etc.).
“We are very pleased to work with RYA on this project now that Weems & Plath products are becoming recognized in the UK as they have been in the United States for the past 83 years,” said Peter Trogdon, President of Weems & Plath.  
“RYA is an outstanding organization, and to have these two trusted names on the Handy Plotter will create consumer confidence and demonstrate this beneficial partnership,” he said.
RYA’s Business Development Manager Steen Ingerslev added: “By Weems & Plath producing our Handy Plotter, we’ve extended our existing relationship from a reseller of Weems & Plath tools to one which feels more like a partnership. They have managed the process from start to finish and made it very smooth indeed. They didn’t win the bid by just offering the highest quality at the most competitive price, they were very proactive and engaged with us not just to produce it but look at ways to improve the product. We have built strong foundations here, and I feel this is a commercial relationship that will only grow with time to the benefit of both organizations.”

Plotting on a chart is a fundamental skill necessary for planning and navigating on the water. Today, a growing majority of boaters use GPS for positional information, and the Handy Plotter compliments the GPS with accurate course plotting that enhances safe navigation.
The Handy Plotter is available in individual units through the RYA Web shop

By Ocean Navigator