Weems & Plath Announces New Cash Back Rebate Program on SOS Distress Light

Weems & Plath, manufacturer of fine nautical instruments and safety products, announces a cash back rebate program on the purchase of an SOS Distress Light with day signal flag.

Starting August 21, 2017, consumers can receive $10 cash back when they purchase an SOS Distress Light.  Consumers who make a purchase from any dealer between August 21 and October 15, 2017 are eligible for a mail-in rebate of $10. Consumers can find rebate forms at their local dealers or online at http://bit.ly/2wnYD6B.

“As boaters continue to enjoy being on the water in the late summer, we are hopeful that the SOS Distress Light rebate provides an incentive to the consumer to equip their boat with the required safety equipment,” said Weems & Plath CEO Peter Trogdon.

By Ocean Navigator