WeatherNet 5 Launches with Optimal Routing

Partnership with FastSeas Delivers Routing Updates Worldwide
Seattle: OCENS’ today releases version 5 of its premier weather and ocean service, WeatherNet. Version 5 offers something new to everyone, including polar’s and optimal route generation, streamlined access to some of the highest resolution and most unique weather data on the planet and the addition of global sub-surface temperature, thermocline and mixed layer depth products.
Version 5 is an exciting advancement in the product’s extensive history. WeatherNet has long been recognized as home to the most robust collection of weather and ocean data, thereby enabling its many coastal and offshore users to obtain weather insights of the highest fidelity. The addition of Optimal Routing to the suite of offshore accessible products lets those users efficiently obtain and update these routes over any satellite connections as the weather picture around and ahead of them changes. More information is available online at (CHECK FOR FINAL LINK)
‘Elevating our excitement to be launching a routing service inside of WeatherNet is the fact that we are doing so alongside of a wonderful partner such as FastSeas .” says Mark Freeberg, OCENS President and CEO. “Their customer-first attention to quality, reliability and accessibility meshes perfectly with the basic tenets of the WeatherNet service and our company. No other team can better address the need for the efficient offshore delivery of state-of-the-art routing information compatible with almost any nav package.”
WeatherNet 5 also launches with refinements to its popular Wizard pages which expedite access to the very high resolution NAM, RAP and HRRR weather models (offering up to 30 data points per degree); the unparalleled NOAA NDFD wind and wave content, lightning data and ASCAT satellite wind scatterometry. WeatherNet remains the only source for several of these products for the at-sea user. Additional information is available at (CHECK FOR FINAL)
Furthermore, version 5 now includes a global data stream of sub-surface temperature at 12 depths reaching down to as deep as 1000 meters. Although these data are exemplary in and of themselves, its WeatherNet’s generation of the derivative Thermocline product that really resets the bar. The Thermocline product combines the 12 layers into a single product allowing its user to look ‘down’ through the water column at any spot on the ocean to identify the structure of the Thermocline and the depth of the mixed layer located thereunder. Unprecedented fishing insights become possible! More information is available online at (CHECK FOR FINAL)
WeatherNet 5 launches at the same time as does OCENS release of GRIB Explorer 9 (GE9 PC). GE9 adds tools for the layering of WeatherNet routes on weather and ocean data gribs and animations. It also adds Thermocline and FishMap tools for extracting fishing insights from sub-surface data sets unavailable from even far more expensive fishing services.
WeatherNet 5 is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. It is built to work with satellite connections provided by the Iridium 95xx, the Iridium GO, Globalstar 1600 and 1700, and Isatphone 1 and 2 handheld phones. Of course, it also works terrific over network and wifi connections as well as broadband FleetOne, FleetBroadband, BGAN, OpenPort and others. Should you desire to link to your satellite phone via wifi connections. WeatherNet 5 is fully compatible with OCENS’ Sidekick satellite wifi router.

By Ocean Navigator