Watermaker product missing from article

We are interested to note that your otherwise excellent and informative feature article on watermakers in a recent issue (Made fresh Issue 127, Jan./Feb. 2003), failed to note the watermaker sold by our company.

The Waterlog models are unique in that they are portable and they require no electricity, plumbing or installation. Of further interest is the fact that they cost typically one-third of the traditional price of a watermaker and have stainless-steel lifetime filters that never need to be replaced.

For example, the Waterlog 100 produces 25 gallons of drinking water per day and costs less than $1,000 — the smallest, lightest and lowest-cost powered watermaker available.

Our award-winning website (www.watermakers.ws) is by far the biggest and most comprehensive in the industry. It contains live links to the other major manufacturers, their prices and performance comparison tables, medical information on body hydration prepared by the School of Tropical Medicine, London, etc. Anyone investigating yacht watermakers on the Internet cannot fail to notice these revolutionary devices.

Mike Niven is marketing manager for Waterlog International.

By Ocean Navigator