Watermaker maker corects output figure

To the editor:

In regards to your recent article on watermakers (“Voyager’s Gold,” Issue No.102, November/December 1999) I would like to correct an error and make a few additional comments. While we would be thrilled to offer a 12-volt watermaker that produces 250 gallons per hour, the correct number should have been 250 gallons per day.

As the world’s oldest and largest marine watermaker manufacturer we constantly strive to offer the highest quality and the best value to the sailing community. Village Marine Tec was the first seawater ROcan (reverse osmosis) manufacturer to offer fiberglass pressure vessels, and we are still the only manufacturer with the confidence and manufacturing skill to warranty those vessels for life. We are also the only manufacturer to offer high-pressure pumps with a titanium fluid end. Titanium is completely resistant to the ravages of seawater, and will last the life of the watermaker. In fact the fluid end of the pump is also lifetime guaranteed.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss reader’s watermaker questions and can be reached at 800-421-4503 from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST.

By Ocean Navigator