Wallas announces launch of new diesel stove/heater, the Nordic Dt

Scan Marine and Wallas has announced the launch of their new diesel stove/heater, the Wallas Nordic Dt.
The Nordic Dt replaces the venerable 85DU270 that has been a huge success for Wallas since 2006.
New features for 2012 and the Nordic Dt:
–      Simpler internal design for greater reliability and durability
–      Ships fully assembled and factory tested as a unit for easier installation
–      Lid base deflector protects stove from spilled liquids
–      Improved start sequencing for better, cleaner starts
–      Altitude compensation for use in mountain areas
–      Thermo control capability with the new PI control panel:

Finally, Wallas has introduced two new through hull fittings that are of special interest to fast boat users.

Designed to reduce or eliminate high speed wind interference for exhaust, the new 5100 and 5200 fittings can be used for either new applications or for retrofit to earlier Wallas products.

By Ocean Navigator