Voyaging Under Power – Fourth Edition

Voyaging Under Power – Fourth Edition
By Capt. Robert P. Beebe, revised by Denis D. Umstot
International Marine/McGraw-Hill, 2013
432 pages, hardcover


First published in 1975, Voyaging Under Power has become the “go to” reference for anyone planning an extended voyage under power. Over the years the book has followed technology and innovation in design, systems engineering, and electronics. The fourth edition has resulted in an even more comprehensive guide for the power voyager thanks to the contributions of such experts as Linda and Steve Dashew, James Leishman, Jeffrey Isaac, Michael Kasten, and many others. The book also includes contributions from fellow power voyagers who share their experiences as they cross the world’s oceans under power.

Like the earlier editions, the book is filled with illustrations, tables, charts, and a useful appendix and bibliography.

By Ocean Navigator