Voyaging puppies

What if you were a liveaboard voyager and you not only brought a dog or two, but actually raised litters of pups on board and got them to families in the places you visited like the Philippines? Voyagers Luc and Jackie Callebaut have done that while living aboard their Norman Cross 46 trimaran Sloepmouche

Their two current Schipperke dogs are named Zonne and Zotke. These are the couple’s two latest canine crew members, previous crew were dogs named Zoetje, Zenne, Zwetke. The Schipperke is a Belgian breed often found on canal boats. Not only have Luc and Jackie always had dogs aboard their boat, they’ve also raised litters of pups, all birthed by Zonne. The first group were pups named Jimmy, Jnera and Stacy. The Callebaut’s commented on their website:

ZONNE’s first litter gave us 3 lovely puppies to train. It was her first experience (and ours!) and she did fantastic! She really took care of her pupppies!  5 Schipperke on a boat was a a great experience and we really enjoyed seeing them grow into fantastic puppies. They all left us for new loving, caring  families in the Philippines.”

Next were Ariane, Pico and Bran.

“After waiting a year to enjoy regular cruising life onboard, ZONNE gave us a second litter of 3 more lovely puppies to train. We were all pros by now and we fully enjoyed their training and awakening to loving life! They all also left us for new loving, caring  families in the Philippines.”

Later came Lucky, Zoe, Sunny and Goldie.

“ZOTKE & ZONNE surprised us with a 3rd litter sooner than planned! But what a great pleasure once again to train 4 adorable puppies this time! Having a spacious vessel is definitively a great advantage whith 6 dogs as crew! More obedience training and fun expeditions on beaches,and swimming  This time one puppy went to Thailand, a second one sailed towards the Phillipines & beyond …. Who knows where the last 2 will sail!”

Nothing like a crew of dogs that are born voyagers. They’ve posted videos of their dogs here.

Luc and Jackie will be interviewed about their skills as liveaboard voyagers in our upcoming Ocean Voyager annual issue.

By Tim Queeney