Voyagers swim nettle free

Nettle net boat pool

In plenty of places frequented by voyagers, there are other critters in the water besides people and fish. These can include stinging nettles and jellyfish. So what about going for a dip after you’ve dropped the hook? You could try using a product like the Nettle Net Boat Pool, an inflatable ring with a mesh that hangs down into the water. Sort of like swimming in the kiddie pool (but without the “gifts” sometimes provided by the young folk!). So get back in the water and take that cooling dip before dinner.

From the press release: Nettle Net Boat Pools can be used from boats or docks to protect swimmers from stinging sea nettles or jellyfish in infested waters.

Warmer water, overfishing and decline of predators are contributing to the growth of the sea nettle population along the US east coast and most recently, in the Mediterranean.

Available in 8, 12 and 20 foot diameters (20 foot pool pictured left), the eight foot deep, portable pools inflate (foot pump included) and launch in minutes and store compactly when not in use.

The rugged Nettle Net flotation ring is made of the same composite fabric used in aircraft life vests and life boats. When inflated, the ring has sufficient buoyancy to support the weight of people without becoming submerged anywhere along its length. It is buoyant and rigid enough that it remains circular and totally afloat, even in boat wakes. The netting material is attached to the flotation ring to form a continuous protective barrier, completely around and below. The mesh is small enough to bar stinging sea nettles, but open enough to allow water to move freely through it without acting like a sail or parachute. It will resist years of wear and tear.

By Ocean Navigator