Visual aids buoy buyers of new designs



When considering the purchase of a new boat, especially a new design that hasn’t yet been built, you can’t get enough input. You want to see the boat, exterior and belowdecks, from every angle. And when this aspect is considered, modern-day buyers are experiencing a golden age because of computer modeling and presentation. You can see a new design in great detail as if it is an actual physical boat. There’s something about seeing that way, and with the ability to spin it around with some presentations, that makes it so much more real.

A good example of this is the presentation of a new sailboat design, the Heyman 42 PPH from Heyman Yachts in Frolunda, Sweden. Heyman has some nice computer images of its new design (images credited to Johan Lange). It’s never been a better time to be a buyer of a new design.




By Ocean Navigator