Vestas Sailrocket claims record (VIDEO)

The unconventional wing-sail vessel Vestas Sailrocket has claimed the record for fastest speed under sail, with an average of 47.35 knots over 500 meters, pending ratification by the WSSRC. 


“The boat was smoking… but balanced. I held onto it until I was certain that a solid 500 meter average was recorded… and then dumped the flap and eased the wing. No more big bear aways to slow down. I pulled on the leading edge bridle to slow her down by feathering the wing and it worked a treat. Hiskia caught the boat on the shore. I was pretty surprised by the data on the GPS. It read a top speed of 48.90 knots and an average of 47.35! I told the team over the VHF that they were now looking at the fastest boat in the world….”

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Video from a practice run:

By Ocean Navigator