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Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. – VesselVanguard, the leading maintenance management solution for boat owners and manufacturers, announced today the launch of its next-generation user interface including off-line functionality. 
Significantly redesigned for enhanced functionality, the all new VesselVanguard website offers streamlined access to private boat profiles that track and organize maintenance tasks for every piece of equipment onboard a vessel, sends task alerts for necessary service, is able to assign maintenance tasks via email directly to contractors and certified technicians, organizes warranty data and includes digitized user manuals. The site now also features a comprehensive member resources section which highlights industry news and magazines, marine services, tips and more, providing subscribers with a one-stop shop for boating information. In addition, the new VesselVanguard App delivers all of the latest functionality to iOS and Android users, and is available for download now from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The mobile application includes off-line functionality so that boat profile data and downloaded manuals are accessible on a mobile device at all times. Task assignments and rescheduling are pushed to an offline-queue to be executed when internet access is reacquired.
“We have made a considerable investment in our quest to simplify the boat ownership experience,” said Don Hyde, founder and CEO, VesselVanguard. “Whether you have a bassboat, sailboat, long-distance cruiser or yacht, every boat owner and their service providers want information that is easy to understand and act upon. Let’s face it, boat ownership is not intuitive and our job is to turn best guess into best practice.” 
The VesselVanguard subscription service offers an immediate, at-a-glance look at the maintenance status of any vessel. All upcoming maintenance is highlighted, with pop-up windows giving detailed immediate maintenance requirements. From the Dashboard users can simply click to schedule and assign upcoming service, defer or reschedule tasks to a later date, get instructions and diagrams from manuals and easily and effectively manage the service needs of any vessel. 
To assist service providers including full-service dealers, contractors, yacht managers or fleet managers, the VesselVanguard platform includes a dashboard component that organizes client vessels in one interface and boat readiness status can be determined at a glance
Reports can be generated using the templates provided so they become sharable. Boat owners can print or save calendars, work orders and maintenance costs by year, system, or vendor, as well as galley stores and shopping lists. VesselVanguard also receives product recalls, service bulletins or other important notifications from manufacturers worldwide, then notifies members who may be affected, as well as any dealer, contractor or other service agent designated for this purpose. Recall notices and service bulletins are given priority status in the Task Alerts and are visible to upon logging in to the account. The boat’s Digital Ship’s Log is an important and immensely valuable asset during sale or trade-in – the ability to show and support the diligent upkeep of the vessel provides critical peace of mind to a buyer and can help command a higher resale price or trade-in value.
VesselVanguard subscriptions are available for vessels of any make and size, with Profile set-up pricing starting at $199 for boats under 30-feet. Client boats range from 18- to 208-feet in length. For more information please visit

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