Vacuum bagging kit lets users work easily with composites

Constructing or repairing composites is simplified with the vacuum bagging technique and the right tools to complete the task.  The WEST SYSTEM® 885 Vacuum Bagging Kit includes all the essentials to create a smooth laminating process.

Utilizing atmospheric pressure to deliver firm, even clamping pressure over the entire surface area of a composite part or repair, vacuum bagging is great for laminating a wide range of fabrics, core materials and veneers.  Laminating over simple molds allows composites to be formed into a wide range of functional shapes.

The WEST SYSTEM complete starter kit is great for room temperature repairs and small laminating projects up to 13 sq. ft.  It includes a Venturi vacuum generator with Silencer, three vacuum cups, 10′ of 1/4″ tubing, a generator gauge, two junction “T” barbs and instructions.  Fifteen square feet each of release fabric, breather fabric and vacuum bag film as well as 25′ of sealant are also included.

The vacuum generator develops over 20″ Hg (mercury) of vacuum (10 psi) at .4 SCFM.  Powered by conventional shop air compressors, it delivers at least 65 psi at 3.5 SCFM continuously.

The WEST SYSTEM 885 Vacuum Bagging Kit retails for $210.95.

Contact West System, PO Box 665, Bay City, MI  48707.  866-937-8797; Fax: 989-684-1287.,

By Ocean Navigator