Unlikely Viking vessel invades Nova Scotia

Most voyaging boats are equipped with at least one roll of the ubi-quitous silver tape used originally for heating and air-conditioning ducts. But has anyone ever built a boat of duct tape?

Built of cardboard, duct tape and wood glue, this miniature Viking ship was sailed and rowed in the annual Mahone Bay Wooden Boat festival in Nova Scotia.
   Image Credit: Photos courtesy Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Festival

At the Mahone Bay Wooden Boat Festival in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, this past summer, Todd Scott built a 15-foot Viking ship of cardboard, wood glue and 150 rolls of duct tape. The vessel successfully navigated the bay for some 20 minutes to the cheers of the otherwise pious wooden-boat fanatics.

The festival celebrated its 15th anniversary this summer.

By Ocean Navigator