Unique Herreshoff replica

For a wooden boatbuilder like Alec Brainerd, discovering a set of original offsets for the iconic Herreshoff 12.5 is something akin to discovering the Holy Grail. Brainerd stumbled upon N.G. Herreshoff’s original offsets that were previously thought to be lost, while doing research for another commission.

Working with Steve Nagy of the Herreshoff Registry, Brainerd researched the design modifications that the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company made over time. Brainerd also measured existing 12.5s and was given access to the original builder’s half-model, building jig and notes.

Using this treasure trove of data, Artisan Boatworks has built what may be the most authentically shaped 12.5 hull since the original Herreshoff Manufacturing Company ceased production in 1943.

By Ocean Navigator