Ultra Flip Swiven by Quickline

Huntington Beach, Calif. – Quickline, a world-class importer of quality marine gear and accessory products, announced today the Ultra Flip Swivel. Effective and easy to use, the new Ultra Flip Swivel ensures a solid anchor set, as well as seamless retrieval and consistent stowage. Used to connect an anchor chain to a boat anchor, Quickline’s Ultra Flip Swivel efficiently rotates the anchor allowing it to flip over on recovery and automatically seat in the bow roller, eliminating the need for manual anchor rotation. Designed using 316L stainless, the highest quality stainless steel available, the swivel will not corrode and is the most powerful mono-block swivel on the market. In fact, it is stronger than the anchor chain. The Ultra Flip Swivel from Quickline provides boaters a safer, more flexible and worryfree anchoring experience.

The Quickline Ultra Flip Swivel provides boaters simple anchor retrieval. Its unique design allows the anchor to easily and automatically right and align itself with the bow roller, minimizing wear and tear on the windlass and saving boaters time and hassle on the rolling deck. The swivel head enables chain movement up to 30-degrees in every direction without disturbing or dislodging a set anchor, while the square head design prevents the attachment bolt from rotating. Providing easy passage for the anchor over the bow roller, the Ultra Flip Swivel causes positive anchor rotation ensuring it consistently stows properly and that the anchor will not bind. The Swivel is currently available for all chain sizes ranging from 1/4-inch to 3/4-inch; models for larger chain sizes may be specially ordered. The Ultra Flip Swivel’s innovative single-block design is machined from a solid block of 316L stainless steel, eliminating galvanized or corroded anchor chain shackles. Unlike other swivels on the market that are QUICKLINE INTRODUCES ULTA FLIP SWIVEL made of several parts, all subject to failure, the Quickline swivel has no material joints that can fail due to crevice corrosion.


“The Quickline Ultra Flip Swivel is designed for worry-free and safe anchoring all the time,” said Randy Boelsems, president, QuicklineUSA. “It eliminates problems during one of the most dangerous boating activities—recovering an anchor. With our swivel, there is no need for a boating partner to hang off the bow pulpit and manually rotate the anchor to fit the bow roller. The Ultra Flip Swivel is an essential component for every complete quality anchoring package.”

The Quickline Ultra Flip Swivel is available in six sizes. The US06 operates with a 1/4-inch (6 mm) chain, the US08 a 5/16-inch (8 mm) chain, the US10 a 3/8-inch (10 mm) chain, the US13 a 1/2-inch (13 mm) chain, the US16 a 1/2-inch (16 mm) chain and the US20 operates with a 3/4-inch (20 mm) chain. The US06 supports anchors up to 29 pounds, has a breaking strength of 4,960 pounds and a maximum rotation angle of 30-degrees. The US08 is designed for anchors up to 51 pounds, has a 9140 pound breaking strength and a rotation alignment angle of 30-degrees. The US10 is ideally suited for 80 pound anchors; it rotates up to 29-degrees and has a breaking strength of 14,580 pounds. The US13 supports 130 pound anchors, has a breaking strength of 26,400 pounds and a maximum rotation angle of 28-degrees. The US16 supports anchors weighing up to 220 pounds, and boasts a 40,000 pound breaking strength and a 28-degree maximum rotation angle. The largest Quickline production model Ultra Flip Swivel, the US20 holds anchors to 440 pounds, and has a breaking strength of 63,000 pounds and an alignment angle of 28-degrees. All Quickline Ultra Flip Swivels include a 3-year limited warranty.

Pricing and Availability:
The Quickline Ultra Flip Swivel US06, US08, US10, US13, US16 and US20 have a retail price of US $184.00, US $246.00, US $295.00, US $368.00, US $516.00 and US $675.00, respectively. Quickline Ultra Flip Swivels are available for purchase on special order from marine hardware dealers, leading boat yards throughout the United States and Canada, and the Quickline website. For more information on the Ultra Flip Swivel, Quickline or its entire marine product line, please contact 714-843-6964 or visit www.quickline.us.

About Quickline:
QuicklineUSA, based in Huntington Beach, California, is a world-class importer of unique gear and accessories serving the Western Hemisphere marine market. Quickline provides product lines designed for boaters that want the absolute best for the safety of their family, guests and vessel. Offering a suite of premier anchor solutions and mooring products that are precision designed to increase safety and efficiency, the product line includes the Ultra Anchor and Ultra Flip Swivel. Other product lines include Sovereign Barbeque Grills that are designed specifically for harsh marine environments, Quickline Flat Rope and Reel, Snubbers and Bridles, Ultra Chain Grabs, and Lewco battery chargers. www.quickline.us. Quickline Ultra Flip Swivel 

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