Troubleshooting Marine Diesels

From Ocean Navigator #87
January/February 1998
Troubleshooting Marine Diesels

by Peter Compton For anyone who has ever agonized over an obstinate marine diesel engine, there is now salvation: a comprehensive, step-by-step troubleshooting and maintenance book for the disillusioned diesel owner.

Hundreds of illustrations help guide the reader through the labyrinth of problems to which a diesel might fall prey. The maintenance section is well received since it stresses a useful adage: “The secret to a trouble free engine isn’t knowing how to repair it, but knowing how to maintain it so you don’t have to repair it.”

British author Peter Compton, a former aerospace engineer who turned his attention to cruising 10 years ago, has also created a web site ( for marine diesel owners interested in information on maintenance and troubleshooting.

International Marine, Camden, Maine; ph: 207-236-4837; 175 pgs.; $21.95.

By Ocean Navigator