Tribe sets sail

Peter and Hadley Johnstone, along with their children Nick, 10, and India, 6, are preparing to leave Newport, R.I., this week for some rather extended family cruising. The young family is about to embark on a 'round-the-world voyage that will take them first to the French West Indies and then southward to the Galapagos and the South Pacific.

The Johnstones came up with the original concept for the oceangoing catamaran and relied upon the expertise of the West Coast firm of Morelli and Melvin for the design work. Tribe is not only built for speed, but incorporates design features that will make it a safe and comfortable home for the family of four on their 'round-the-world adventure.

During their travels, the Johnston children will be home-schooled. Hadley, a print artist will work aboard, producing her unique impressionistic art with a stainless-steel press specially designed for marine use. Artwork from the voyage will be shipped back to Rhode Island and presented by Newport's Arnold Art Gallery for inclusion in an ongoing show, entitled “Living and Cruising with Art.”

By Ocean Navigator