Trawlers to trek to Bermuda

A 314
The annual Bermuda Cup, which for the past 13 years has served as a safety-in-numbers opportunity for southbound voyagers to head to Bermuda in convoy, will next year offer a trawler division. The rally, which is called the Trawler Trek and will run in conjunction with the Bermuda rally, was the inspiration of Bill Bradshaw, owner of a 40-foot Island Gypsy trawler, who said he was impressed by the success of the trans-Atlantic trawler rally sponsored by Nordhavn in May 2004.

Bradshaw is in the process of rebuilding the boat, but he wanted a more modest rally to prepare for his voyaging plans after retirement. He approached Steve Black, whose Cruising Rally Association each year operates the Bermuda Cup and the Caribbean 1500, and the two hatched Trawler Trek, which will depart Hampton, Va., in June 2005. Pre-rally sessions will include boat inspections, seminars and social gathering at the Blue Water Marina in Hampton. Once underway, the fleet will remain in twice-daily contact via VHF and SSB radio.

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By Ocean Navigator