Training schooner Ocean Star sold

The 88-foot training schooner Ocean Star was sold in December, ending a rigorous program that provided at-sea training for an estimated 1,000 students during the past eight years. The steel-hulled schooner was delivered by its owner Greg Walsh, founding editor of this magazine, to its new owners, Marine Resources Development Foundation of Key Largo, Fla.

Ocean Star’s programs focused on coastal and celestial navigation, watchstanding protocol, and sail-handling. The schooner has sailed the western North Atlantic from Florida to Bermuda, to Maine, and to the Canadian Maritimes and all over the Caribbean.

"I think a decade at something like that is just about enough," said Walsh, who has no plans for a second such vessel. "So we are moving on to new things. I would certainly love to hear from so many of you with whom we have worked over the past decade."

A plan for a new Ocean Navigatorat-sea training program was underway at press time.

By Ocean Navigator