Tracking device helps locate stolen yacht

Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc. has described the retrieval of a stolen vessel using one of the company's RMT Smart Tracker GPS tracking devices. On June 14, 2011, Frank Kinzie, Beverly Port Marina proprietor (Beverly, Massachusetts), noticed that a 1980 61-foot Hatteras yacht was missing. Kinzie was able to find the yacht quickly with the help of the GPS tracking device.

A Beverly Port Marina employee, Jon Silver, had installed a RMT Smart Tracker GPS tracking device inside of the yacht prior to the theft. This made tracking down the $500,000 boat simple. After activating the GPS device, the boat was located 28 miles away in Boston. Once the yacht had been found, police were contacted and they handed the case to federal marshals.

Silver told the press that the "Smart Tracker device works exactly how it is promised. It's easy to install, conceals in a boat, and is simple to activate." Silver went on to state that if the Smart Tracker device had not been purchased, he might "…never have been able to recover the boat."

Rocky Mountain Tracking's Smart Tracker is an on-demand live GPS tracking device. RMT's Smart Tracker can be activated when needed, but can also be turned off when not in use.

Luckily, the 61-foot yacht did not incur any damage during the theft. RMT reported that this was in part due to the quick recovery time. Authorities have not named the person, or persons, responsible for stealing the yacht.

By Ocean Navigator