Torqeedo launches the world’s most powerful production electric outboard

The Bavarian based company Torqeedo is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of electric outboards, especially in the smaller HP range – up to 8 HP. Now, with a new 80 HP motor, the company is gearing up to support electric mobility in the higher HP ranges. The magnitude of this achievement was recognized today when Torqeedo was awarded the renowned DAME Award: the award for the boat industry’s most important innovation for the coming year.

In their report, the jury praised Torqeedo’s groundbreaking research and development, saying, “In bringing this truly original product to the marine market, DEEP BLUE's designers have achieved a first-class package that offers convenience, price worthiness and performance.”

The jury selected DEEP BLUE from 115 innovations of the marine industry from 25 countries as the overall winner.

According to industry experts, DEEP BLUE is characterised by the typical Torqeedo benefits that are now brought to the higher performance classes: outstanding efficiency giving greater power and range from the limited battery supply together with higher convenience. It features an onboard computer that uses GPS to calculate remaining range and displays travel time and direction to individual waypoints. Finally, it provides greater safety thanks to automotive standards in the battery technology and electrical reliability.

Torqeedo has achieved a special coup by establishing a partnership with Johnson Controls, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers in battery technology. For the DEEP BLUE System, lithium batteries from the automotive industry were developed further for maritime applications. As a result, the DEEP BLUE System’s batteries come with a 9-year capacity guarantee.

Because battery costs are independent of the intensity of usage, Torqeedo is offering the DEEP BLUE system to commercial users. “Commercial users with petrol costs over €4,500 per annum should check whether DEEP BLUE’s meets their speed and range requirements,” says Torqeedo founder and CEO Dr. Christoph Ballin. “If they do, the change from petrol to electric motors could mean these
users can start saving money today. The fact that the electric motors are naturally environmentally friendlier and future-oriented, as well as much quieter is a bonus.”

In addition, boat owners on waters where the use of petrol motors is limited or forbidden can rejoice. This small segment (compared to the global market) hardly justifies the industrial development and production, which is why drives that are more or less individually manufactured have dominated up until now. With DEEP BLUE an industrially developed and manufactured product is available to these users with benefits in price-performance ratio, in comfort and safety – because Torqeedo’s DEEP BLUE was developed for these applications, but not only for them.

Because DEEP BLUE is a 325 volt DC high-voltage system, sales will only be via boat manufacturers that take on the installation of the system during production. According to the manufacturer, there is no shortage of interest from renowned boat manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

About Torqeedo DEEP BLUE

Input power 75 HP (55 kW)

Comparable petrol outboard (Propulsive power): 80 HP

Battery capacity: between 26 kWh and 52 kWh

Recommended selling price for motor system without batteries €17,999

Battery bank: Price dependent on capacity, between €28,000 (26 kWh) and €56,000 (52 kWh)
with capacity guarantee: 9 years after commissioning the remaining capacity equal to at least
80% of the original capacity (provided operator’s manual is followed).

By Ocean Navigator