Topclimberâ„¢ Gets You Up The Mast Alone – Quickly and Safely

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (USA) – Maintenance at the top of the mast can be performed single-handedly – and safely – with the Topclimberâ„¢ from sailing products manufacturer ATN.
Simple to use and easy to install, the rugged Topclimber allows you to quickly hoist yourself above the masthead, using your leg muscles, without any help – even when the boat heels.
Inspired by equipment used for mountaineering, caving and cliff climbing, the ATN Topclimber is operated by alternatively sliding its 2 ascenders, wormlike, up a dedicated line. The ATN Topclimber is conceived to allow you to climb your mast by yourself, and its comfortable bosun chair will allow you to spend time aloft, without cramps or discomfort. Its tool bag is large enough to accommodate a drill and multiple tools.
Since it rides onto a static line, taut between the deck and the mast head, Topclimber prevents you from swaying away from the mast even if the boat heels over.
The MSRP of $US 430.00 includes a bos’n’s chair with back rest, one-way jammer and leg straps. You’ll also need 7/16″ to 1/2″ low stretch static line, available from ATN, or your local boating supply store.
For more information about Topclimber, visit (where you can see a video of Topclimber in use) or call 1+954.584.2477.
By Ocean Navigator