Titanic film stunt plagues cruise ships

Some thrill seekers are trying to make America’s passengervessels look like a scene from the movie, Titanic.

Several cruise ship operators are reporting that passengers are trying to recreate a scene from Titanic by standing in the bow bulwarks while the vessel is underway and yelling "I’m king of world," as Leonardo DiCaprio, (above, left, with Kate Winslet) does in the movie.

Concerned about the potential dangers to passengers and crews, the Passenger Vessel Association issued an alert that warns members about the situation and advises them to be on the lookout for "Titanic" imitators. "Keep your crewmembers alerted to this potential problem and perhaps even close or rope off the extreme bow access area of your vessel," the PVA suggested.

At press time, no injuries had been reported from "king of the world" attempts. "Getting up in the bow railing is a very dangerous thing," said John Groundwater, executive director of the PVA. "But I think the movie has been good for the marine industry. We just don’t want passengers in the bow railings."

Passenger vessel operators better not let their guard down: "Titanic" was released on video September 1.

By Ocean Navigator