Those who follow Caribbean WeatherNet

Those who monitor Caribbean weather using the Caribbean Weather Net (CWN) via marine SSB should take note that David Jones will be moving his on-board weather updating service to shore.

The move from his yacht Misstine to a land-based site in the British Virgin Islands will likely take a few months (until early 1997), but it will result in better service, according to Jones, due to more powerful equipment and increased access to broader weather information. Jones has been running CWN every day for the past three years.

The Caribbean Weather Net standard frequencies and times are as follows:

4,103 kHz USB

1215 to 1230 UTC

8,104 kHz USB

1230 to 1300 UTC

8,107 kHz USB

2215 to 2245 UTC**Onlywhenthereisatropicalcyclone advisory in effect for the Caribbean.

Volunteers will operate the weather net until the move is complete. Jones has established a CWN page on the web at: .

By Ocean Navigator