There’s a wind app for that

If you have seen any of the current Apple iPhone commercials, you will have heard the tag line: “Yeah, there’s an app for that!” For sailors and other wind sports enthusiasts, there is an iPhone app that answers the perennial question: “What’s the wind speed?” The Wind Meter app for iPhone will answer the question. It uses the wind sound blowing past the iPhone’s microphone to gauge wind speed. Of course, you have to have an iPhone!

From the press release: iPhones and similarly powerful hand-helds are changing the way the world does things on a daily basis. Now you can find the wind speed before you go out to fly or whatever activity you choose. It just keeps getting better. The Wind Meter APP has for the last three weeks in the TOP TEN BEST selling APPS in the Weather Category at the Apple ITunes app store.

The Wind Meter page contains a full description of this phone application, it can be obtained at Apple I Tunes APP store or at appshopper.

The “Wind Meter” Application for iPhone was developed by a start-up group of young engineers in Silicon Valley who happen to enjoy Wind Sports and solving technical problems. They were the first to come up with this concept of using the iPhone microphone for detecting wind speed about 6 months ago and began working with the necessary sound conversions, algorithms and programmers. It has taken a considerable amount of testing time and program up-dating for this device to give good approximate wind readings. We could not help but appreciate the idea of having a wind meter that gives good approximate readings and a phone all in one device. We believe that the wind meter is really a fun gadget, but also has many practical uses in many activities where wind is a factor.

We have just reduced the price from 2.25 Euro  to .78 Euro or .99 cents US at the Apple I Tunes App Store.   And we are just beginning to advertise to Wind Surfing enthusiasts who happen to own iPhones.

By Ocean Navigator