Their father’s work

Their Fathers’ Work – Casting Nets with the World’s Fishermen by William McCloskey Their Fathers’ Work documents 30 years of experience in the world’s fishing industry from the perspective of the fisherman. McCloskey, whose personal interest has always brought him down to the docks, worked on fishing boats around the world and brought his varied and raw accounts together in this book.Crabbing in Alaska, long-lining on the Grand Banks, or seining for sardines off Chile’s bold shore, the author describes the fishing life, long hours and back-numbing labor. It is as hard a life as it ever was, according to McCloskey, yet it is still a romantic one that none would give up, since adventure and stakes are high.

International Marine/McGraw Hill, Camden, Maine; 800-262-4729; 352 pages; $24.95.

By Ocean Navigator