The Sailing Museum Announces Exclusive Opportunity to be Part of the Exhibit Experience

Sailing Museum

Sailing MuseumNewport, R.I. – The Sailing Museum (TSM) announced today a unique opportunity for the sailing community to create a film exhibit to be featured in the museum. Scheduled to open in May of 2022, TSM will offer an innovative multi-media experience dedicated to celebrating sailing’s heritage, showcasing its heroes and inspiring new generations of sailors and innovators.

TSM will feature themed areas, beginning with Wind & Water where visitors will be introduced to some of the basic principles of sailing. One of the exhibits in this area will be focused on the importance of caring for the places we sail.

“As sailors, we have a unique bond with our oceans and waterways,” said Heather Ruhsam, executive director, The Sailing Museum. “We’ve seen firsthand that our lakes, rivers, oceans and seas are being threatened by pollution and declining habitat, which is damaging marine biodiversity and hurting coastal communities. We’ve also seen that the positive actions we take on land and sea can, and do, make a difference. Through The Sailing Museum we can share our collective efforts from coast-to-coast with sailors and non-sailors alike, inspiring all to take action.”

TSM is inviting the sailing community to share what they are doing in their communities to protect and preserve the waters they sail on. They have issued a request for video submissions to help create a stewardship anthem that will be featured in the museum as well as their website and social channels.

“We are excited to include both our supporters and the greater sailing community in the creation of this exhibit,” said Ruhsam. “The Sailing Museum is designed not only to pay tribute to the history of sailing, but to educate those new to our sport, including the importance of protecting our home waters to ensure this and future generations can enjoy the pastime we love. This video campaign is a unique opportunity to share your passion and be a part of the museum experience.”

To contribute to the stewardship film, sailors are asked to record a short video (up to two minutes) with a camera or mobile device. In an effort to simplify the submission process, TSM has developed simple step-by-step instructions for recording as well as a Mad Libs™-style script to use as a guide. An example of video content includes the following:

“I am a sailor.

I am proud to be a steward/protector/defender/champion/word of your choosing of the name of the ocean/sea/river/lake/waterway you sail on.

Wherever we sail, our home waters are in danger.

So, here’s what I’m doing to protect them: list 1-3 actions you are taking in the name of stewardship.

Together, we can do this/make a difference/another phrase of your choosing.”

TSM is encouraging sailors to bring their personality and location into their videos. For more information on The Sailing Museum and a complete instructional PDF for video submissions, please visit

By Ocean Navigator