The Ocean Race launches Generation Ocean

The Ocean Race, a team-based, around-the-world race that begins January 15, 2023 in Alicante, Spain and ends six stops later in Genoa, Italy in July, has announced Generation Ocean, an educational program for students to teach about the world’s oceans, their biodiversity and threats to their health. From the press release:

“The Ocean Race is launching Generation Ocean, Join the race to protect our incredible blue planet, a new secondary school learning program. The engaging materials equip teachers and parents with all they need to help learners understand the crucial role the ocean plays in sustaining life on Earth, the threats that are jeopardizing this vital system and the solutions that are needed to protect it.

“Launched in English today, the materials will be available in eight further languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, French, German and Mandarin), which will be released in the coming months.  Suitable for learners over 12 years old, the free resources can be used in school, for at home learning or within the community.

“The program features:

  • An eye-catchingbooklet with engaging articles, stories, reflections and action points to be carried out in the classroom.
  • An educator’sguide with suggested activities and a step-by-step guide to inspire teachers to include age-appropriate ocean principles and concepts in their lessons.

“Created in collaboration with 11th Hour Racing, founding partner of The Ocean Race’s Racing with Purpose sustainability program, Generation Ocean provides an overview of key ocean themes, features examples and good practices from around the world, highlights links between ocean and climate, and reflects on the need to recognize ocean rights. The program also offers ocean advocacy ideas and a comprehensive glossary of ocean-related concepts.”




By Tim Queeney