The Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot


Dana Point, CA – (March 17, 2014) –Nordhavn has always had a cult following having become synonymous with serving a niche boating market of the adventurous few since the first 46 arrived on the scene 25 years ago. But Nordhavn’s manufacturer, Pacific Asian Enterprises (PAE) thinks it’s come up with a new model that will lead the brand down a more mainstream path. Introducing the new Nordhavn 59 Coastal Pilot.

Continuously striving to offer revolutionary designs, PAE is excited about this newest boat shaking up its product line. What makes the new 59 CP so revolutionary is that – rather than targeting world explorers – it caters to the needs of many different segments of the market. She is a continuation of Nordhavn’s Coastal Pilot series and may quite possibly be one of the most versatile cruising boats to arrive on the scene. This semi-displacement hull is designed for modest top speeds in the 20-knot range and offers an efficient and sea kindly ride at lower cruising speeds. PAE’s vice president Jim Leishman calls the 59 CP the ideal “transitional” boat and feels it could be hugely popular with current Nordhavn owners who are winding down their world cruising and considering a new boat with lesser time and effort restraints. “This is the perfect type of vessel for anyone with dreams of extended cruising that don’t involve ocean crossings, for instance an Alaska to Maine itinerary,” says Leishman.

At the same time, the N59 CP could prove to be the ultimate “jumping off” boat for anyone looking to get into the long range cruising game. The N59’s design features a CE Category A unlimited offshore rating, insuring the N59 CP will have the seakeeping and strength capabilities to take on the most serious of coastal cruises – up to a thousand miles. This makes her an appropriate first-step boat to anyone considering full-displacement, who either wants to gain some legitimate sea miles under their belts or who simply doesn’t have the time to commit to a trawler just yet. “You have to have a lot of time to fully enjoy a full-displacement Nordhavn,” says Leishman.

Versatility and capability aside, Leishman feels the living arrangements of the boat is really what’s going to give her mass appeal. The boat is available in a two- or three-stateroom configuration, either of which is highlighted by a massive owner’s cabin. “This is the type of master stateroom you’d expect to see in a 70-foot yacht,” notes Leishman. He also points to the raised deck which can be left open or enclosed with Isinglass (flexible clear acrylic that can be rolled up in nice weather) and can be equipped with a/c or heat, depending on your needs for comfort. And if you’re still itching for fresh air, the huge cockpit allows you opportunity for plenty of sun bathing.

As with all Nordhavns, the best hardwoods, stone, and top of the line appliances will be incorporated into the build. The N59 CP will also feature the finest craftsmanship, fit and finish that only the artisans at the Ta Shing factory can provide. Nordhavn’s partner factory for more than four decades, Ta Shing also builds the N64/68, N72/76 and N56 M/S models.

While there are plenty of express cruisers on the market today, Leishman feels that with the Nordhavn pedigree behind her, there will be no other like the N59 CP. “This boat notches above similar boats like it out there,” he said. “I want people to see that. I’m really excited at the chance to bring Nordhavn more mainstream and to expose people to the quality of the brand.”

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By Ocean Navigator