The Nexus HPC Compass

The Swedish-based navigation instrumentation specialists, Nexus Marine AB, have launched a high-performance compass transducer into the worldwide market to provide users with unrivalled accuracy even under the most demanding of conditions.


The Nexus HPC (Heel Pitch Compensated) Compass uses the latest materials and precision engineering techniques to give an accuracy of plus/minus 1° to a maximum heel of 60°, vastly superior to the majority of compass transducers currently available.

Fully compatible with the Nexus NX2 and NXR instrumentation systems, the HPC Compass features a six-axis configuration that also incorporates heel and pitch, giving exceptional results for data such as true wind angle even when the boat is at a substantial angle of heel.

Size matters

The HPC Compass Transducer also comes with a network bus and an NMEA 0183 output port, enabling it to be fully integrated with most modern instrumentation systems available today, and yet the entire instrument is only the size of a small mobile telephone.

This product represents a real advance in the design and manufacture of high-end racing compass transducers. It combines accuracy and the capability to integrate with a wide range of navigation systems with a sophisticated and compact structure that requires minimal space or maintenance. 

The HPC is offered as a standard component of the Nexus family of instrumentation systems, and it can also be purchased as a standalone unit for upgrading existing systems.

The HPC is distributed globally and is available from all good chandleries. Worldwide distributors are listed on the company’s website: <>

By Ocean Navigator