Thanks to you. we've turned 100

By this stage you’re probably sick of hearing about the arrival of the new millennium, the Y2K bug, and the raging debate about whether the 1,000-year cusp date is Dec. 31, 1999, or Dec. 31, 2000 (technically, the second date is correct, but we recognize most people will jump at any pretense for a partysee below for our excuse). So let’s change the focus by a factor of 10. Forget about things millennialwe’re going to bring back the human scale and talk about things centennial. For most people, 100 is a number they can come to grips with. For example, there are an estimated 58,000 people alive in the U.S. right now who are 100 years old or older. One hundred years may be a bit of long shot, but it’s not out of reach like 1,000 (according to the Bible, Methusela, at 969, almost made it). Lately here at Ocean Navigator, we’ve had a special feeling for the number 100. The reason is simple: The magazine you hold in your hands (or that you’ve laid open at your nav station) is our 100th issue. There’s something about that nice, round centennial number that shouts out for recognition and celebration, and not just by the crew here at ON (in case you wondered, that’s us in the photo). It’s true we’re the ones who put together 100 issues of this magazine, got ’em printed, and in the mail (okay, so sometimes we have a hard time getting your copy to you as your boat lays at anchor at Kapingamaringi atoll, but we try). None of that effort would matter, however, if we didn’t have such a loyal, enthusiastic group of subscribers. Without your support for ON and your passion for voyaging (whether you’ve made a dozen circumnavigations or are planning your first), there wouldn’t be any issue 100. So accept our thanks and join us in our centennial issue celebrationjust take it easy, though, you’ve got the 0200 to 0600 watch, remember?

By Ocean Navigator