Technicold by Northern Lights announces Technicold UV Lamps

SEATTLE – (Marine NewsWire) Technicold by Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine HVACR systems, is pleased to announce a clean, economical safeguard against airborne contaminants: Technicold UV Lamps.
As an option on either draw-through or blow-through air handlers, Technicold provides the proven anti-microbial power of UV light. Technicold UV Lamps are available for new installations on our entire lineup of 8,000–32,000 BTU air handlers.
UV light works by inhibiting mold and algae growth in the evaporator, blower housing and drain pan. The musty smell and poor air quality associated with some on-board air conditioning systems are not a concern with UV lamp-equipped Technicold products. 
Unlike the competition, which offers UV lamps only in ducting, Technicold places its UV lamps directly in the air handler. “Placing UV lamps in the air handler conditions air in the blower, ducts and drain pans,” said Technicold sales manager Chip Van Gunten. “This wipes out virtually all microbes in the entire system, not just the ducts”.
“By installing the UV lamp in the air handler no additional space is required in the ducting system,” Van Gunten continued. “Because it is a custom installation piece, the Technicold UV Lamp is always specifically designed for the vessel’s HVAC system.”
Like all Technicold products, the UV lamp is designed for the rigors of the marine environment, and backed by decades of engineering experience. Technicold products are supported by Northern Lights’ global distribution and service network. 
About Technicold
Technicold manufactures industry-best air conditioning, refrigeration and accessories. Fully customizable, Technicold systems are thoughtfully engineered and ruggedly built for long-term reliability.
By Ocean Navigator