Team efforts are a life saver

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It seems only fitting as the Olympics played out in London that an American team showed true mettle, this time by saving a life. The Joint Rescue Coordination Center, Honolulu (JRCC), with help from the Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescure System (AMVER), was able to organize the emergency medical transport of a 72-year-old mariner, sailing aboard Turicum off the coast of Hawaii, on Tuesday. The boat was about 1,000 miles off the northeast coast, and a Coast Guard flight surgeon advised the pickup after ascertaining the situation.

Transport to Long Beach, Calif., was arranged for the injured man; aboard the 1,100ft power vessel Navarino

AMVER, a program sponsored by the USCG, is a computer-based and voluntary global ship alert system.  It is used by international search and rescue teams to aid distressed-at-sea vehicles.

Visit this link for the official USCG News on this story and others. 

By Ocean Navigator