Tartan yachts bets on the future

Tartan Facilities

While the economic news may not be the cheeriest as we head into the fall, Tartan Yachts is betting on the future by moving into new production, office and showroom facilities in Painesville, Ohio.

From the press release: Planning for their future, Tartan and C&C Yachts have relocated their corporate offices, assembly operations, woodworking, finish operations, upholstery and a new factory showroom to a new facility.

The previous manufacturing factory will continue as its composites manufacturing location. The new factory is ideally configured for Tartan and C&C’s team yacht building process, offering greater manufacturing efficiencies as well as quality improvement opportunities.
The new location includes a state of the art 20’ x 80’ paint booth and a separate booth for wood finishing.

Another unique element is a 4,750 square foot showroom for display of finished Tartans and C&Cs. The display is an important part of the company’s new dealer program, offering all of its dealer partners a great sales tool. “We expect that our dealers will take advantage of the opportunity to bring clients to our factory. They will experience the boat building operations, culminating their factory tour with a boat show quality display of new products”, says Tartan and C&C’s president and chief designer, Tim Jackett.

Additionally, the composites lamination facility is undergoing a major refit. Operations will include all boat fiberglass laminating, the company’s Novis Spars carbon fiber mast, boom and component manufacturing and new model development for both Tartan and C&C.

Steve Malbasa, the new owner of Tartan and C&C states that the new facility is an important step in achieving his vision for the company; “Our goals are simple, yet challenging in that we have much to accomplish. Importantly, in the following order of importance these objectives are as follows;

      Operate the business with a “customer first” focus. In our business we really have two sets of customers- the boat owners and the dealers who represent them. We need to cause both of them to experience only the highest level of satisfaction with our boats and services.

      Create a working environment for all our associates that leads to passion and pride in their work.

      Achieve a level of profitability to ensure another 50 years of producing quality Tartan and C&C sailboats, but only after achieving the first of our two objectives.”

The entire staff at Tartan and C&C is excited with the changes as they plan the bright future for these two iconic North American sailboat lines.

By Ocean Navigator