Tartan 4000 Hull #1 Emerges from Mold

It is always an exciting day when the first boat of a new model emerges from its hull mold.  Tartan 4000 hull #01 was pulled from its mold on Friday and the interior fitout work has commenced.  At this stage of development, the bulkheads, floor timbers, and engine bed are constructed, and now the interior build out can begin.  Tartan 4000 #01 moves to our Assembly factory this week with her build crew ready to begin their work.

While construction of the first boat begins, the Tartan 4000 deck plug continues to take shape.  It is nearly ready for finish work with only the intricate detailing left to complete before finish is applied and the mold is made from the wooden pattern.  Completion of the deck mold and the first part is set to coincide with the construction of the first boat.

By Ocean Navigator